Sunday, December 05, 2021

Professional Audio Mastering

Here at the Artist Management Resource we've partnered with Studio 302 to provide the music community with affordable, professional audio mastering services.

With the wide variety of music software and hardware available today, most musicians are able to write and record dozens (if not hundreds) of songs all audio mastering at Studio 302from the comforts of their homes. This is a good thing, since it saves money on recording studio time and now recording can be done by the masses as opposed to the lucky few musicians signed to major record label deals or born to rich parents or with access to sponsors/investors.

Despite this access, however, the cost of some of the highest quality hardware is still out of reach for the average musician, and even though software is becoming remarkably close to the sound of hardware, some of the special sound associated with major label releases comes from high-end hardware sources, accurate monitoring environments and specialized mixing and mastering techniques. This explains why, despite hours upon hours of mixing and re-mixing, most musicians' mixes still sound small, harsh, and not as wide/loud/big as the major label releases in their playlists. While this is accomplished mainly in the production, sound selection, performance, recording, and mixing stages, a lot can be done to level the playing field in the mastering stage.

Most indie musicians don't know what mastering is, can't afford professional mastering, or prefer to master their own material (due to lack of funds or preference for control over the final sound). While this is fine (and actually wise) for most songs, every once in a while there is a special song/single or selection of songs that need that extra "something", and for those situations Studio 302 is there to be your partner in sound to help you get your mixes sounding like the major labels.

Visit Studio 302 today and request a mastering sample to hear what mastering can do for your mixes.